Our mobile cardiovascular equipment leasing service provides everything needed to perform high quality cardiovascular exams and/or screenings in the convenience of your office or place of business.

We are your solution for providing life saving testing to your employees or community, as well as lowering some insurance premiums along the way.

We can also increase revenue for private physicians, and as an added bonus, provide the same testing a hospital can do at a much lower cost to their patients since reimbursements to hospitals are much higher. Our physician client's patients are much happier knowing they are saving money and appreciate the comfort and familiarity their doctor's office provides.

Our state-of-the art scanner is small and compact so we can transport it anywhere very easily. We will set it up at your facility or office and one of our highly skilled technologists will perform the cardiovascular studies you have scheduled for us on that day. When finished for the day, all the equipment is packed up and the technologist leaves the facility just as they found it. All of the images are then sent to a board certified physician to be analyzed and read. Their report is mailed out in a timely manner.

Benefits of Our Mobile Equipment Leasing
1) Patients will receive a comprehensive exam in a                                     familiar, relaxed setting.
2) Patients will receive the same testing hospitals offer,                             but at a substantially reduced rate.
3) We offer flexible hours, even on weekends, to                                       accommodate the patient's needs and schedules.
4) Since we scan in a non hospital environment, the length                       of time for testing is shorter. Patients can avoid a long                           registration wait line and having their test delayed                                 because of an unforeseen emergency case .
5) We offer a quick turnaround time for the patient's                                   report; therefore the diagnosis can be evaluated and                             treatment started sooner.
1) We own all the equipment so you do not have to make                           any capital investments
2) We provide all the ancillary supplies needed for the                               exams.
3) We provide the skilled technologists to operate the                                 equipment so you do not bear the burden of any                                   high employee costs or management time.
4) You avoid any expensive equipment upkeep and                                   maintenance fees.
5) We will meet or beat any of our competitors rates.
6) We offer flexible per day leases and do not require a                             long term contract.

Equipment Leasing
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Serving Clients Since 1989
On Site Exams Available:

  • Echocardiography
  • AAA Duplex Scans & Screenings
  • Upper & Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex Scans
  • Upper & Lower Extremity Venous Duplex Scans
  • Venous Insufficiency Scans
  • Carotid Duplex Scans
  • Vascular Screenings- for carotid stenosis/ stroke screening
  • Executive Physicals- comprehensive screenings to access any health risks of your employees.